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Ethical Diamond Practices and Rapaport Pricing

Ethical Diamond Practices

We can confidently state that the diamonds carried by Q & T Jewelry originate from a conflict-free source—not just because we are highly involved in the entire diamond manufacturing process, but also because of an industry-wide set of policy known as the Kimberly Process.

The Kimberly Process is an international system established in 2003 to monitor the trade of rough diamonds. Spearheaded by the United Nations, this process requires all diamond shipments crossing international borders to be sent in tamper-resistant containers with government-validated certificates. All certificates are forgery-resistant and are uniquely numbered to match each shipment.

The Rapaport Price List

The Rapaport price list is the agreed-upon source of diamond pricing information used in the diamond industry today. It provides a consistent pricing guideline based on diamond weight, color, and clarity.

Depending on the diamond’s certificate, quality, cut, and fluorescence, the diamond may be traded at, above, or below the Rapaport price.

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