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The Four C's
Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be treated, cut, and polished to take on new looks, but the underlying quality remains the same. When you buy a diamond from Q & T Jewelry, you know that you are buying a sparkling, eye-catching diamond of exceptional quality and value. Jewelers often refer to the Four C’s of Diamonds, which are described below. Our jewelers will guide you through the selection process, discussing each of the Four C’s with you and making sure that the diamond you take home is one that you will love forever.
The First C: Cut
Cut is widely considered to be the most important contributing factor to the brilliance of a diamond. Although cut is often misinterpreted as a diamond’s shape, it actually refers to the proportions and finish of the diamond.
Cut is graded on a scale that ranges from Excellent to Poor. The diamond’s rating on this scale is determined by the diamond’s brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, polish, and symmetry.
Generally speaking, a diamond should not be cut too shallow or too deep—the perfect cut will bring out maximum light return and sparkle inherent in each stone. Most importantly, the quality of the cut can mask other diamond characteristics. It is important to remember that color, clarity, and even carat weight are determined mainly by Mother Nature. However, cut is a factor determined and engineered by man to maximize brilliance and sparkle.